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Thousands of men and women across Asia

have benefited from Lunch Actually Academy.

  • "The techniques taught were effective and helped me get into a relationship"

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Angela for her guidance during our coaching sessions. Her explanations made it easy for me to understand what and how my dates think. The techniques taught were effective and helped me get into a relationship. I am attached and in a stable relationship now thanks to her! Please keep up the good work and make more success couples happen!"

    Lesley (Attached)
  • "We realized some of the things we were doing wrong on dates"

    "We both had this fear of first dates because we were unsure of how to act on first dates. Mentally, we were also not well-prepared. Fortunately, we had help from our image and date coach. We realized some of the things we were doing wrong on dates and got tips from our coach on how to be more likable during dates. From the image coaching sessions, we also found out that some of our clothes were not suitable for us and learned how to choose clothes to flatter our body type. Thanks, Lunch Actually Academy!"

    Jack & Joanne
    Jack & Joanne (Engaged)
  • "Built my confidence level up step by step"

    "I would like to thank Celeste for being such a great listener and guiding me along the way patiently. She has empowered me with the knowledge of image and social etiquette. She also built my confidence level up step by step. I am so blessed to have her as my image consultant in Lunch Actually. She followed up with me and supported me while I was working on improving my inner and outer beauty, helping me achieve my personal goals."

    Ms S. L
    Ms S. L (Manager)
  • "Celeste had opened up new possibilities in which I could play around with clothes."

    "With the personal shopping and internet shopping sessions, Celeste had opened up new possibilities in which I could play around with clothes that I thought was not suitable for me previously. Given that I am plus-sized, I had difficulties looking for clothes that suit me. She had also provided me the links to many internet shopping sites that I never thought existed for plus-sized figures like myself. So kudos to that!"

    Jenny (Civil Servant)


Towards personal excellence, as you find your lasting relationship

Sharpen your personal grooming

Boost your confidence

Hone your conversation techniques

Polish your dating skills

Troubleshoot difficulties

The Be-Meet-Choose Model

To find your partner, you need to first BE the right one, then MEET the right one, and eventually CHOOSE the right one.

Coaching Programs

Be the best version of yourself with the help of our highly experienced, professionally trained team of Date and Image Coaches.


Enhance your dating and conversational skills to ace every single date!


Confidence is sexy! Accentuate your best features, and learn ways how to feel better about yourself.


Proper communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship. We’ll teach you how to manage conflicts and keep the spark alive!

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