Many women will own different fashion items throughout their lives. Their tastes will differ and styles will change, even as fast as in a year.

However, whatever your fashion preferences are like, here are 7 classic fashion items you should own throughout your life. They will serve you well whatever the occasion.

1) A Flattering Black Dress



Black dresses are always classic, but did you know that not all black dresses are made equal? Depending on your body shape, a black dress that’s flattering on you may not be flattering on someone else.

Take your time to slowly try on black dresses of different designs, and ask a trusted friend to tell you which one you look best in. From bodycon black dresses to A-line black dresses, one of these is bound to suit you.

2) Kitten Heels



Whether you love heels or find them intimidating, kitten heels are the best heels to wear!

The heel is not ridiculously high, but they are still fashionable enough to wear to a cocktail party, and comfortable enough to explore the city with. They are definite must-have in your shoe closet!

3) A Pair of Round Diamond Stud Earrings



Add understated elegance to your look by adding a small pair of diamond stud earrings to your ears. Whatever your look, be it office wear or even formal events, you can’t go wrong with diamond stud earrings to complete your look.

4) Comfortable Silk Slip (or other sleepwear)



What do you wear to sleep at night? While you may find your old worn-out tees to be comfortable, buying sleepwear that is made of soft material like silk or satin can make a beautiful difference to the quality of your sleep at night.

In addition to feeling more comfortable, a gorgeous chemise or nightgown can make you feel more attractive. Waking up feeling pretty can make a great start to your day!

5) Oversized Sweaters



Oversized sweaters don’t just add warmth in cold malls, they can also look fashionably trendy when paired with skinny jeans, leggings, tights, or shorts.

On the plus side, if you are going out for a casual girly night out, oversized sweaters can help hide your food baby when you are eating heavy food! This is one of the many reasons why oversized sweaters should be a staple in your closet.

6) High-Waist Culottes



Culottes are great pants for the office, home, and even on dates. They are not overly formal, but also not super casual as to seem rude when meeting a date.

Create the illusion of longer legs too by getting high-waist culottes, too!


7) Long Blazer



Every woman needs a blazer; even men need blazers too! Blazers are great to turn a look from semi-casual to businesslike immediately.

Get a long blazer – one that almost reaches your knees – so that you can wear it playfully on its own with a simple outfit, rather than just wearing it for the office.

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