We all know what the dreaded “friendzone” is. Some of us have been in it from time to time. Others of us feel like we are living permanently in the “friendzone”.

The “friendzone” is not an actual place where friends gather and hang out. Have you ever been romantically interested in someone, only to be referred to by them as “a good friend” or their “best friend”?

Then, you will know what the “friendzone” feels like.

It can hurt, feeling like the one you like will never be interested in you romantically, and that they just see you as a friend. If you feel like you’re always the friend and never the lover, you need to read these eight tips on how to get out of the “friendzone”.

1 – Learn the Truth about the “Friendzone”


It’s easy to feel like you’re always in the “friendzone”, but here’s a truth about the “friendzone” that you must know.

You are only in the “friendzone” when you shut yourself up in that zone. If you keep looking at yourself as “friend material” instead of “romantic material”, other people will believe you too.

So don’t buy into the idea of the “friendzone” too much, or that you are meant to stay in it. Otherwise, the person who put you into the dreaded “friendzone” … is no one other than yourself.

2 – Upgrade Your Self-Presentation

With that being said, there’s definitely ways to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex! Everyone has their preference when it comes to character types in their ideal partner, but most people will like individuals who take the effort to look and speak well.


Make the effort to be more physically active, buy clothes to suit you better, and learn how to able articulate your thoughts more clearly and concisely. To find the right one, you must be the right one yourself.

3 – Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is an appealing trait. In fact, it may even be more appealing than model-like looks. Have faith in yourself, and believe that you WILL find love simply because you DESERVE it.


However, be careful that your confidence does not become arrogance, or it will keep you in the “friendzone” even longer! Nobody likes a braggart, or someone who is self-entitled.

4 – Take Rejection in Your Stride

Rejection is part and parcel of life, whether it’s by a school you wanted to go to, a company you wanted to work at, or even that person you wanted to get to know better.

Don’t become bitter and tell yourself that you’re the king or queen of the friendzone. There will be people you are attracted to who won’t reciprocate your feelings, and that’s okay.

It simply means they are not the right one for you, and the right one is out there. If you find yourself rejected, be gracious, and wish the other person all the best in life.

5 – Master More Skills

Have you ever heard that musicians are just more attractive? Piano players seem sensitive, while drum players are “cool”. Whether this is definitely subject to each individual musician, the idea that someone practiced enough to be good at their craft is definitely attractive.

master skills

Pick up a skill that intrigues you personally, whether it’s cooking, a different language, or even art calligraphy. You will not only fill your time with something that interests you, you may also meet someone special while doing it!

6 – Join More Singles’ Events

Looking for the love of your life can sometimes feel like looking for a specific fish in an ocean. Sometimes, you even stop yourself from finding the right fish because you are attached to the wrong one.

Don’t let the wrong person distract you from the right one, or you might just let your right one slip away.

The most effective way to meet more eligible singles like yourself is to join events aimed at singles. By doing so, you will not just get to meet more people, but you will also increase your dating pool.

7 – Socialise with More People Outside Your Social Circles

Apart from meeting more people at dating events, do make plans to meet up with more people in your personal life. Perhaps your friend’s cousin may not be the right one, but she or he might know someone who is!


It’s time to put yourself in this kind of “friendzone” – one where you widen your social circles, make more friends, and maybe, even meet The Right One through them.

8 – Constantly Believe The Right One Is Out There For You

Finally, always tell yourself that The Right One is out there for you, and truly believe it. There will be someone out there who will not put you in the “friendzone”, because they will want to date you, especially if you do all of the above.

The “friendzone” is a state of mind that you can easily get out of. Don’t let it trap you forever.


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