Breaking up is hard to do. After a breakup, you can feel depressed, bitter, distressed, angry, and even hatred. Depending on the state of your relationship when you broke up, these negative feelings can last for months, and sometimes, even years.

Then, there are the times where you think you’ve already moved on. Suddenly, you hear a song that used to be your couple song, or someone brings them up in conversation, and all those feelings come back up to the surface again.

It’s tough to get over someone, especially you once thought you might give your whole life to. However, it is also important that you do not let this past love control you.

No matter how much you’ve loved that person, you must learn to let go and move on. After all, it is only when you can get over your breakup that you allow new love to enter your life.


Here’s 10 ways you can do so, and swiftly allow your life to move on from your ex-relationship.

1) Write a Letter to Your Ex

broken heart

Sometimes, the most therapeutic thing you can do is to write down your feelings. Take a few hours to yourself, and compose a letter to your ex with pen and paper.

Examine frankly why your relationship didn’t work out. Whether it’s due to incompatible personalities, distance, or just different life goals, put it all to paper. Make sure to say goodbye to your ex in your letter.

After writing, keep your letter in a drawer, along with all the other things that remind you of your ex. Now that you’ve gotten your feelings out of your system, don’t let your ex occupy your thoughts again.


2) Block Them from Your Phone and Social Media

Transitioning from being in a relationship to being single again is hard. The best thing to do is to just block your ex from your phone and social media platforms, so that you are not reminded of them.

If you decided to remain friends with your ex during your breakup, do explain to your ex that you are trying to move on fully. You can be friends again once you aren’t bothered by the thought of them having a new partner.

Most importantly, remember that constantly checking up on what your ex is doing without you only brings you more harm.


3) Get a Therapeutic Makeover

Sometimes, the simplest method to get over an ex is the most effective. Book a hair salon appointment, go for a full-body massage, buy new clothes, get new kicks – whatever you have to do to pamper yourself, feel better, and maybe get a whole new look in the process.


4) Fill Your Time with Your Interests


Your date nights with your ex can still be date nights – you are just dating yourself. Whatever your interests are, be it reading or cooking, spend time doing the things you love. Slowly but surely, you will remind yourself that there’s more to life than just your ex.


5) Explore New Hobbies

Maybe you’ve always wanted to pick up a new language, or you want to go bungee-jumping but have always been afraid to do so.

Go for it, and live life to the fullest. Learn to appreciate how smart, brave, and adventurous you are, even without your ex to do it with you.


6) Travel Solo

solo travel

Speaking of being smart, brave, and adventurous, why not book a travel experience for yourself only? Whether it’s a stay-cation at a hotel in your city, or a long trip away in a country you’ve never been to, you’ll appreciate the time away exploring your surroundings, and discovering more aspects to yourself as well. You may surprise yourself.


7) Spend More Time with Family and Friends

It can be easy to feel lonely in the days after a breakup, perhaps believing that no one will ever love you again.

However, there are people who still love you in your life, even if it is not in a romantic manner. Spend more time with the family and friend who love you, and allow their company to lift your spirits up. Have meals with them, and truly catch up with all aspects of their life.


8) Make New Friends


Apart from spending time with your existing social circles, make the effort to get to know more people too. You don’t have to go up to a random person asking to be friends, either.

In your list of acquaintances, perhaps there’s someone you thought was cool, but you just never had the chance to hang out with them due to conflicting schedules.

Well, here’s your chance now.


9) Volunteer!

Help yourself get over your broken heart, and do good at the same time. Pick something you are passionate about, and commit to it at least once a week.

Whether it’s reading to the blind, teaching disadvantaged children, or even being a volunteer museum tour guide, it will bring you great joy to know that you are making someone’s day directly better. You may even meet someone through volunteering too.


10) Look Forward to A New Love

When all’s said and done, getting over an ex requires the hardest task of all – getting your mindset to change.

Your mind may like giving you flashbacks of the past, reminding you of happier times with your ex. You must remind yourself, however, that there are circumstances that led to the breakup, and that your ex is your ex for a reason.

A new love IS in your future. You just have to believe it, and not let your ex control your life anymore.



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