Congratulations, you’re going on a first date, or you are thinking of asking someone out for a first date! Whatever it is, you’re probably imagining what the date will be like, hoping that it will go well.

At Lunch Actually Academy, we always recommend that the ideal first date takes place over a meal. After all, unlike at amusement parks or movies, you will have a chance to get to know each other better by actually talking to each other.

Remember that first impressions are important, so apart from dressing up well for the occasion, it’s important to keep conversation going well. After all, the last thing you would want is for your date to be bored or even disgusted.

If you feel you may be nervous or that your mind might go blank on the date, here are 7 first date topics you can prepare beforehand. It’s always better to be prepared than to have awkward silence on the date – or worse, talking about the weather or the menu for too long!


1) Your Favourite Food / The Best Meals You Had / What You’d Like to Eat Next

Food is great, and is a staple at any gathering between individuals, like on your date. By the time you hit your 20s, your taste in food is pretty constant. You know exactly what you like, and can probably remember times when you had a good meal.


You see, food isn’t just about food. Food is about the experience you had, and the memories you have associated with that food. For example, you can tell your date about your grandmother’s best dishes, or the simple food you had overseas, or a food you you’re looking forward to try in town or overseas.

You can even use this as a subtle way of finding out if your date is up to exploring more food places with you, too!


2) Your Favourite Travelling Spots / The Best Travel Memories You Had / Where You’d Like to Go Next

Not everyone has had the opportunity to travel, so be careful you don’t come off as bragging if you decide to bring this up. However, travelling doesn’t need to take place overseas, or even the country next to yours – there’s probably plenty of places to travel in in your own country too.


Start off by talking about your favourite local spots to hang out at (even if it’s just your regular mall, or a bar you often go to), and then ask your date if they’ve been anywhere interesting recently. Tell them about where you’d like to visit next, and why.

You can also prepare a few pictures of your last trip to show your date, but not too much! Remember that the objective is to get to know your date better, not to bore them with tales of a trip they haven’t been on. Instead, ask them where they’d like to go next, and learn why.


3) “If you don’t have to work because you are financially secure enough for the rest of your life, what do you see yourself doing?”

Alternatively, you can also prepare a few “what if” questions at the back of your mind, and encourage your date to chat more. The great thing about “what if” questions is you can really get to know a person from their answers, like “what if you can enter a fictional world and live there, which world would you choose and why?”


4) Your Favourite Movies / Books/ Music/ Television Shows/ Stories from the Past 20 Years


Chances are, unless your date is much younger than you, there should be movies/ books/ music/ television shows/ stories in the past that you’ve both enjoyed. Perhaps you like the same bands, or you’ve got favorite childhood cartoons to reminisce over.

If so, you can have an enjoyable date by talking about what you liked during the past 20 years, or even just the latest movies that you’ve watched. Best of all, you’ll learn what your date really likes, so remember to take note!


5) Your Hobbies

Your hobbies are also a good topic to let both you and your date know what kind of interests you have. However, if you both don’t have similar hobbies, you may find it hard to continue about why you have that hobby, so tread carefully if you decide to bring up this topic.


For example, if you decide to bring up that collecting stamps is a hobby of yours, but your date isn’t that interested, don’t go on to tell them that the prize of your collection is a limited-edition stamp from 1990. You can show them that stamp once they become more interested in you.


6) Light Current Events

It’s always great to look cultured and well-read, so make sure you brush up on current events before you go on your date! Learn about what’s happening around the world, what’s viral on the Internet, and even what’s the latest cute animal videos everyone’s been sharing.


Keep the emphasis on LIGHT, however, and don’t bring heavy topics into your discussion of current events. Yes, the world has plenty of dreary news, but those news have no place on a first date. Save the heavy discussions for after your relationship develops!


7) Always Ask After Your Date, and Listen Attentively

Finally, always remember to ask after your date. Ask your date if they find the restaurant or café okay, ask them what they’d like to eat, ask them to offer their thoughts on the topic you’re offering in a gentle manner. A date who knows how to balance between talking and listening is an attractive date indeed.

Happy dating, and may these topics be useful!

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