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It is believed that women only like alpha males – men who are physically fit, masculine, confident, and out there. Beta males who are quiet and shy, on the other hand, will always get friendzoned. However, is this really true?

“Alpha Males are More Attractive”: True or False?

During the cavemen days, men who possessed high testosterone levels were physically strong, and therefore the most successful in hunting for food.

They were usually the leader of the pack, and highly respected. Due to their status in the tribe, their women and children were well protected and provided for. It was then not just instinctual, but also life-saving, for women to be attracted to masculine men.

Nowadays, men who are masculine, dominant, assertive, confident, and sociable are still considered highly attractive when it comes to dating. They are still immediately noticeable, and women are attracted by their charisma.

However, just because alpha males are considered more desirable, it does not mean that they are suitable for every woman.

When a man is dominant and confident, he can sometimes be self-centred and stubborn as he strongly sticks to his beliefs. As a social butterfly, the alpha male has lots of friends and events to attend, which may result in less time spent together.

Additionally, alpha males are always the centre of attention. You are likely not to be the only woman attracted to them, and the alpha male usually enjoys getting attention from the opposite sex. As a result, many women feel insecure when they are together with an alpha male.

Alpha males can come off as narcissistic, inconsiderate, and a player to some people. Therefore, alpha males are not everyone’s cup of tea, despite how popular they may seem.

“Can Beta Males get Girlfriends?”; Yes, of course!

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“You are a really nice guy, but I just don’t feel any chemistry between us.”

This may be a sentence that beta males are used to hearing. So, is it true that good guys finish last? Well, not necessarily.

In movies, beta males are often portrayed as the “good friend”, the guy who does everything a woman wishes a boyfriend would do, except that she’s just not attracted to this guy enough to want him to be her boyfriend.

Beta males may not be the first man you notice in a crowd. They may not be able to give you butterflies in your stomach on a first date, and they may not be the funniest guy you’ve ever met. They may look nervous or awkward around you.

However, beta males are also sensitive and considerate. They may not be able to make you laugh, but they are always there when you need them, such as when you need a shoulder to cry on.

They may not be able to provide lots of heart-skipping moments and butterflies in the stomach, but beta males can provide women with stability, warmth, and security. In the long run, these are exactly what many women are looking for.

Instead of just concluding that the beta males around you are just good friends at most, keep an open mind and see where things can go. While it is undeniable that chemistry is essential for a romantic relationship, a man’s character is more important to keep a relationship going in the long run.

While roller coasters are fun to ride, at the end of the day, what women want is to go home to a caring and understanding husband at the end of the day. While this is not to say that alpha males cannot be caring and understanding, it would be foolish to ignore beta males as romantic partners just because women find the alpha male more attractive.

As always, keep an open mind, and you may be surprised how things will go!





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