rollar coaster

Falling in love is like getting on a roller coaster. However you found that roller coaster, whether through friends or dating services like Lunch Actually, you still start to feel both scared and excited when you get in on the ride.

With your heart starting to pump faster, you know something electrifying is about to happen soon. As the ride starts, you realise that you can’t get off now – you cannot control how you feel or just get out.

You experience extreme highs and lows as you fall deeper and deeper in love… and at the end of the roller coaster ride, hopefully HE has also realised that he’s falling in love with you too.

Falling in love is just the beginning of one ride, however. Keeping the love alive is another ride altogether, and it’s a ride that you’ll hopefully never get off.

Now, keeping the love alive is a ride that needs both your help. Instead of just sitting on the ride, you are now required to maintain it, oil it, and to test it out to make sure that it’s still there. Otherwise, the ride will just fall apart, and you may never repair it again.

In other words, you need to play your part in keeping your partner interested. Here’s 4 simple ways to maintain the love in your relationship, and to make your man can’t live without you in his life!


1 – Look After Your Looks and Health



Many people, men and women included, use a relationship as a reason to let go of themselves.

While there’s nothing wrong with sitting at home in your sweatpants and watching dramas with your partner, don’t let your comfortable relationship make you think that you can neglect self-grooming.

Of course, while he should think you are beautiful no matter how you look, self-grooming is a sign of self-respect. Taking the time to look and dress up well is also a sign of commitment to your relationship – you would also love the feeling of having your partner admire how you look like in a gorgeous dress, for example.

Staying physically fit together can be fun, too. Pick an exercise you both like, such as swimming or badminton, and do it together two to three times a week. This way, you can both maintain your physiques and health, and still find each other wildly attractive.


2 – Give Each Other Personal Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is to cling like koalas to each other.

Sure, you’re now in a relationship together, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not suddenly your own person. You are meant to be in a team, not to disappear into each other.

Allow him to have time for other areas in his life too, such as his family, friends, and work. Unless it’s important, don’t demand that he drops the plans he’s made just to come hang out with you – it will only suffocate your man, and he will start looking for escape routes instead.

Instead, appreciate your own personal space too, and make plans for yourself when he’s not around. You need space to yourself too, you know!


3 – Always Respect Each Other, Especially in Public



Maybe he said something that made you angry, or he forgot your anniversary all day. Oops.

Don’t let your negative emotions and relationship make you think it is okay to just yell at him, however. Don’t make accusations, or ask him to think about why you’re angry (chances are, he’ll probably still be at a loss).

Instead, take a deep breath and count to ten before calmly telling him what you are upset about. If you do not feel calm, tell him that you don’t feel like talking at the moment, and walk off to settle your feelings first.

In whatever circumstances, do not make your problem bigger by arguing with him in public, or worse, in front of his family and friends. He may feel that you’re disrespecting him, and you will only encourage his family and friends to think that he should break up with you.


4 – Make Time For Each Other – It’s the Little Things That Count

You may be busy at work, or perhaps you are overseas on a girls’ trip. Whatever it is, always make sure you let your partner know that he is on your mind.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to send him good morning and good night messages, just so that he knows you are thinking about him. Otherwise, you can even buy him lunches by utilising food delivery services, or sending him a postcard from wherever you are.

Making time for each other does not mean you have to meet up daily, especially in today’s highly connected age. Even if you can’t spare much time at the moment, show that you care in other ways. This will make him feel touched, and of course, want you in his life even more.

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