Dear men,

• Have you ever met a woman you’re interested in, and she’s SINGLE, only to see her get attached to another man?
• Have you ever thought that it’d be nice to date a woman you know, but she tells you she only sees you as a friend or a brother?
• Has a woman ever told you that you would be a perfect boyfriend, but it seems like you aren’t HER perfect boyfriend?

There are several reasons why women seem to always see you as the friend, and never a boyfriend. The good news is, a lot of these reasons have to do with you.

How is that good news, you wonder? Well, this means that if you notice the signs and take charge to change things around, you’ll go from “just a friend” material to “boyfriend” material soon.

Here are 6 of those reasons to take note of:

1) You Keep Talking/ Complaining about Being in the “Friend Zone”

Perhaps you like to upload Facebook statuses talking about how you’re the king of the friend zone, or talk about how no woman ever sees you as desirable because you’re “too nice”.

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There is a huge problem with doing this. You see, you’re not just telling yourself that you’ll never get out of the friend zone; you’re also making other women think that you are not boyfriend material. After all, that’s what you keep telling them.

Change your mindset and your words. Finding The Right One starts with believing that you are capable of being a good boyfriend to the right woman when you meet her.

2) You Talk about How Happy You Are to Be Single All the Time

Another way you keep yourself in the friend zone is by constantly letting people know happy you are to be single.

friendzone, friends

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being happy to be single. However, this will deter women who want a genuine connection, especially if they believe you are not interested in commitment. After all, you may seem like you’ll be happy to stay single as well.

So while it’s okay to love life as a single person, make sure you also let others know you’re interested in meeting The Right One. Don’t let The Right One slip away thinking you’re not interested in changing your single status.

3) You Don’t Groom Yourself to be Your Best Self

First impressions are important. For example, if you are truly sincere about getting employed at a company, it is common sense to dress up smartly to impress your future employers at interviews.

Likewise, to make a great impression on the women you meet, it is smart to show them your most attractive side. Both men and women appreciate people who put in the effort to stay healthy, dress up well, and speak well.

friendzone, friends

Try to improve your image by staying healthy and exercising, understand your body type and clothes that flatter your figure, and listen to great speeches to model your speech patterns after. You may be surprised at how all these little things add up to make you even more attractive to women.

4) You Don’t Make Your Romantic Intentions Known

You can think about how much you’d like a girlfriend, but a girlfriend isn’t going to fall from the sky into your arms.

If you find yourself attracted to someone, don’t position yourself as a good friend or her “bro” that she can count on. Otherwise, she may just continue seeing you as a good “bro” who’s there for her when she needs you.

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Let her know that you would like to get to know her better, and that you’d like to see where things can lead to romantically.

5) You Don’t Make the First Romantic Move

Making your intentions known aside, it is also important to act upon those intentions. Saying that you’d like to get to know a woman better is great, but making the move to ask her out on a date is even better.

friendzone, friends

Find out her favourite restaurant, dress up well, make the effort to brush up on general events to talk about during the date, and so on. All these little things will show that you are serious about getting to know her – and she will start to see you in a different light too.

6) You Continue to “Stay Friends” with a Woman Who Has Rejected You

Many men make the mistake of staying “friends” with a woman who has rejected them, perhaps thinking that they can change her mind later on.

However, this is only continuing to pour salt into your wound, especially when she gets romantically involved with another man – or worse, tells you about the man she really likes. It may cause you to have insecurities about why she wouldn’t “choose” you, and breed resentment.


And not just that – it will prevent you from truly moving on and meeting other women.

If you’ve noticed yourself exhibiting any of the above signs, it is time to stop doing so. The Right One will only notice you are boyfriend material when you let her see it.

Happy dating!

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