Most people love the ideas of makeovers and looking more attractive after one, but have the misconception that makeovers MUST be expensive.

After all, trips to hair/ nail salons, beauty spas, health resorts, makeup, clothes, and the like are pretty costly. However, contrary to popular belief, putting effort into your own looks does NOT require a lot of money.

You can make changes to your own looks yourself without spending a lot of money. The effects of these methods may not be as dramatic getting a full-body makeover immediately, but the long-term results will definitely be more significant.

“The truth is,” Violet Lim, CEO of local dating company Lunch Actually says, “you can always make yourself look better and more attractive if you put some effort into it. Every factor of your appearance can be adjusted, improved, and tweaked to create a positive first impression.”

Here are 5 simple ways you can give yourself a makeover without spending a lot of money:

1) Get Your Close Friends to Help Audit Your Wardrobe

As the saying goes, “clothes make the man (or woman)”. When it comes to making a winning first impression, the clothes you wear will shape other people’s thoughts of you.

This is why it’s important to make a wardrobe audit, and analyze all the clothes you have. Separate them into piles of Keep, Donate, and Throw, and keep only the clothes you know will flatter your figure.


The objective of this exercise is so that you will not wear clothes that are ill-fitting or old.

Instead, invest in a few key basic pieces that are universally flattering, such as black dresses and white tees. Never let yourself step out of the house in clothes that don’t suit you again, and be a more stylish version of you.

If you’re not sure what styles suit you, why not engage the services of an Image Coach to help you, such as the one here?

2) Declutter Your Living Space

Your living space (which includes your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and etc) is where you spend a majority of your time. Therefore, it is important that your living space is one which rejuvenates you.

While you do not have to be militarily organised, make sure that your living space is only mostly filled with items that fulfil a constant purpose, whether it’s for function or form.


Sell or throw items that you haven’t used in the past 6 months, or donate them to people who will appreciate them more. Think unused electronic items, books that you won’t read again, old shoes, empty shampoo bottles, and so on.

You may not notice it much, but the state of your home definitely influences your mindset. Make your home a cozy place without clutter that you need to clean up after constantly. That will make you more refreshed and ready to take on the day, and it will show on your face when you’re out and about.

3) Dedicate At Least Half an Hour Each Day to Exercise

Many people neglect to look after their health when they are caught up with their studies or work. Of course, this is a huge no-no in terms of your appearance, and it’s not just about weight gain too.


Constant exercising on a regular basis can help you destress. This keeps you from looking overly tired or haggard, and helps to give you a healthy glow. All these will make you seem even more attractive, so make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes daily to get those benefits!

Consider running around a park, or even doing jumping jacks while watching TV – exercising does not have to be expensive for it to work.

4) Commit to a Healthier Eating Lifestyle

Apart from exercising, what you eat is also important to your physical appearance. Ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”?

makeover, clean eating, healthy eating

Skip the snacks and the junk food, drink more water, and try to eat more healthy food like vegetables and fruits. Your face will thank you, especially when you have less breakouts. Your body will feel more energized and fitter, too.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have bad food. You will just need more healthy food to balance everything out.

5) Wake Up an Hour Earlier Before Starting the Day

Are you guilty of waking up late and rushing through your morning ritual before you go to work? This is why you end up looking and feeling frazzled when you’ve finally arrived at the office.


Keep the extra hour of sleep for the weekends, and make an effort to get up earlier on weekdays. This way, you will have the extra time to prep how you want to look for the day, as well as a healthy breakfast and a relaxing shower.

The extra hour spent getting ready will do wonders for your looks and mindset when you get to work, instead of rushing through everything.


6) Get a Store Makeup Artist to Give You a Gorgeous New Look

If you really want to get an instant makeover and see how you might look differently, feel free to pop into a beauty store and ask the retail staff to test out a few products on you. Most of them will be willing to give you a demonstration of their products, which often includes a full-face makeover.

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