This article is written by our Hong Kong Date Coach, Iris Cheng.

He likes me, he likes me not, he likes me…

Tired of picking flower petals and wondering if he likes you? The good news is, it is often much simpler than we thought.

Men are usually straightforward. If a guy likes you and is ready to date you, he will make it really obvious. You won’t even have to question his feelings.

On the other hand, if you think he is giving you mixed signals, or you feel like you have to search for clues he likes you, chances are… he may or may not like you, but he still just isn’t that into you. Sorry!

Don’t let yourself be strung along by mixed signals and indecisive men. Here are 5 obvious tell-tale signs that a guy is truly interested in you:

  1. He Makes Time for You

When a guy is interested in you, he will make time for you no matter how busy he is. He will check in from time to time just to see how your day was, such as calling or texting you. More importantly, he will make plans to see you.

signs he likes you

I have a lot of female clients with a similar problem. They tell me that the men they’re seeing say things like “I miss you”, and also do things like texting them every day. Yet, the men never actually ask to see my female clients.

Personally, from a Date Coach point of view, the ugly truth is that these men never put my female clients as a priority even while they’re saying things like “I miss you”. I always encourage my female clients to meet other men then, instead of putting all their hopes on men who don’t make time for them.

Men can have the sweetest words, but if they don’t actually put in the effort to meet you, it will still be just words.

  1. He Remembers the Little Details

Perhaps you once said briefly to a guy that you’ve always wanted to try Egyptian cuisine. Suddenly, he books an Egyptian restaurant for your next date, and even researches what Egyptian food are the must-tries.

One time, you said you were not feeling well, and the next day he asked you if you’re feeling better already.

When a guy likes you, he will pay attention to everything you said, and even the things you didn’t say, like knowing that one of your favourite colours is navy blue simply because he has noticed you wear navy blue outfits often.

signs he likes you

Look out for the men who are attentive and observant – there is a high chance they are romantically interested in you.

  1. He Acts a Little Awkwardly Around You

When a guy has feelings for you, he usually is a little nervous when he sees you. It’s similar to the way your heart beats faster when you are on your way to meet your crush.

signs he likes you

As a general rule, it is not a good sign if a guy seems comfortable around you a little too soon, or is able to talk and act smoothly in front of you. He’s either a charismatic flirt with every woman, or he doesn’t see you that way.

Think of it this way – it is natural for a person to become more nervous when they are about to go for a job interview at a company they really want to work at, compared to a job interview for a workplace they don’t care about.

It is the same for pursuing romance – the more you like someone, the more nervous you get about the possibilities!

  1. He is Consistent

Even if he is showing signs that he is interested, it is important to observe if his behaviours are consistent over time.

If a guy is genuinely interested, he will not make you confused by blowing hot and cold with his attitude. He will not act close one day, and become distant the next.

If he ghosts on you and returns a few weeks later showering you with affection like he didn’t just disappear for a few weeks, chances are, he only sees you as a backup plan and not as his priority.

  1. He Tells You So

Nothing is clearer than when a guy explicitly tells you he likes you, of course.

However, it is important to make sure that the confession is back up with all the signs above! After all, words are just words.

signs he likes you

If he tells you he likes you, but his actions do not say the same thing, it may be nothing more than a cheap tactic to keep you hooked. Perhaps he hopes that you will be there for him anytime at his convenience, without him having to put in effort to keep you with him.

Men are usually decisive when they really like someone. As I said in the beginning, if a man likes you, he will make it so obvious you don’t even have to second guess it.

Men are not hard to understand. If you are able to look pass his so-called mixed signals and stop overanalysing his behaviour, his real intention will be revealed.

Remember, you are always worthy of real, pure love. Don’t settle for anything less than a man who clearly lets you know he likes you, words and actions included.


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