Being stylish doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. In fact, you can look better instantly, without having to sacrifice comfort for style.

So, if you have the option, would you rather be a plain-jane or a head-turner?

Within an image coaching session, the image experts at Lunch Actually Academy has transformed Yolanda’s image, taking into account her style and body figure.

Upcoming: Before & After Pictures of Yolanda’s transformation

Yolanda is a Sales Consultant in her 20s. She is petite and has a feminine style.

Before: V-neck dress with a bare face.

Yolanda's Makeover Before

While she looks beautiful with no makeup on, some simple makeup can help her enhance her facial features and make her more attractive!

Because of her face shape, a V-neck dress makes her face look longer and older. Thus, we also suggested Yolanda to choose dresses with a square neckline.

After: A brunch date look with light makeup on.

Yolanda's Makeover After (Brunch)

We added a belt to emphasise her waistline. A mermaid dress is suitable for Yolanda’s body shape and complements her waist and hip ratio. Yolanda used to think that she has a warm skin tone, but after we ran a colour analysis, we found that she actually has a cool skin tone!

Besides, we also suggested her to wear a pair of wedges (for comfort AND style), as she is not used to wearing high heels.

After: A dinner date look with sophisticated makeup

Yolanda's Makeover After (Dinner)

Floral prints suit Yolanda’s vibe, and we choose a cool purple for her cool skin tone. There were bits of yellow on the dress, so we paired this dress with yellow gold belt (instead of white or black belts). We also chose yellow earrings to bring attention to her face further.


The Image Coaching Session Experience, in Yolanda’s words:
1. How was the experience?
Very eye-opening, really get to understand how hair colours can affect my appearance – especially my dark eye rings. It’s interesting to find out after the colour analysis that I am a cool tone. I’d always assume I was a warm tone.

2. Do you think what you have learnt is easy to pick up on your own?
No. Most of the times when Celeste was showing the colour chart, I can’t tell what I am. This part needs someone professional to identify for me. My knowledge of colours is also minimal, and I didn’t know there were such broad tones/ colours.

3. Out of the 2 looks, which one is your favourite look?
The evening look – It is something I usually won’t wear. It’s slightly out of my comfortable, I will never have bought that kind of dress/style of dress and the colour tone as well, I won’t match or put these colours together – but somehow it looked nice.

4. From now on, can you put what you have learnt into practice?
Yes, from now on I will learn how to use a belt to emphasise my waistline. Celeste also taught me that I could wear a mermaid dress (first look) because it complements my waist and hip ratio. I will also remember the colours that she has mentioned that suits my face and what I should wear for what occasion. Celeste was funny when she told me to wear specific shades to stand out for different occasions such as meeting my future in-laws.

5. On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate the overall experience for this session?
9/10 – Within this short 2.5 hours, it was an eye-opening experience, and it really gave me a new perception of how colours and makeup can change the impression you give to people I don’t know.

6. Was it fun?

7. Was the process difficult to learn or understand?
No. Celeste would give a very detailed explanation, and she would also elaborate to me when I am unsure. She’s friendly, and I won’t feel awkward to ask her questions.

8. How did you feel about Celeste?
At first, she seems intimidating, but she’s actually very friendly, humorous, and I had a good time! Also, her advice was on point!

Celeste’s Biography

what to wear on a first date

Celeste Bo is one of the most sought-after Image Coach in Singapore. Before joining Lunch Actually Academy, Celeste was a trainer for makeup and skincare in Kose, Japan’s leading brand. She also led a team of flight attendants with Singapore Airlines.

Working professionals engage her for her grooming expertise to get noticed at work and move forward in their careers. Meanwhile, singles ask for her advice when they face difficulties in dating.

Whether it is dressing for C-level interviews, performance assessments, public speeches or romantic dates, she helps clients increase confidence and coach them to their full potential.

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