Program Overview

Get Your Own Date Coach

The coaching programs of Lunch Actually Academy are tailored to specific needs to provide immediate solutions toward personal excellence in dating.

These programs are focused in two main areas:

Online Dating

  • Review and analyze your current online profile
  • Get website recommendations from our professional coaches
  • Craft a bio that will help you stand out from other profiles online
  • Select profile pictures that best represents your personality and showcase your best features
  • Learn how to spot and differentiate serious daters from non-serious daters
  • How to flirt, show interest and gauge interest through text, email, app messaging and more!

Offline Dating

  • Leave the best first date impression
  • Date Analysis on how likable you are
  • First Date – Third Date tips
  • Singles’ Events Mingling tips
  • Exchanging contact numbers
  • Effective way to text and get a response
  • How to build and trigger attraction in your interactions with the opposite gender
  • Start great conversations
  • Where to meet more single people in the city you live in
  • How to sustain and maintain a budding relationship

The Dating Funnel

Introduction to the funnel

Our date coaching is done based on the Dating Funnel, as illustrated in the figure below. We work with the approach that finding a partner in your 30s and beyond is a numbers game.

A lot of our clients do not realise that they’re stuck at a certain point in the funnel. For example, a client might meet a lot of people through singles’ events and dating apps. However, if he or she does not get any contact numbers and go on first dates, he or she is unable to progress. In the client’s mind, he or she keeps thinking that it’s a problem of not having met “the right one”.

From a coach’s perspective, the problem is that the client is not moving down the funnel. He or she is stuck at the “Meeting people” stage. In such a scenario, the coach’s job will be to help the client get more first dates.

Step One: Meeting People

The first step is, obviously, to meet people. Some common problems that singles face at this stage include not knowing where to meet people, and difficulty in maintaining a conversation with someone they’ve just met. Other challenges include not knowing what to wear, and having a lack of confidence.

To counter this, your date coach will introduce you to the different channels in which you can meet people, and work with you to develop a roadmap to meet people. Your coach is there to understand your specific preferences and lifestyle requirements, and he/she will work within those constraints to come up with a plan that’s suitable for you. If needed, your date coach might also recommend you to attend image coaching sessions.

The second step is to roleplay different scenarios with your date coach. By play­acting these different situations, you’ll become a lot more comfortable with dealing with them, and that will take the pressure off when you’re in the process of meeting new people in real life.

Scenarios include:

  • Approaching a member of the opposite sex
  • Chatting with someone for the first time
  • Getting someone’s contact details
  •  Setting up a first date

Your coach will observe your body language, tone of voice, and general performance and provide instantaneous feedback. The roleplay session will refining your technique until it becomes second nature.

Step Two: Exchanging Numbers

The next stage is to exchange contact details and chat via text. One challenge commonly faced by ladies is that they are typically of the opinion that they shouldn’t be the one initiating the exchange of contact numbers, and hence are very passive when it comes to this crucial step.

One way to get around this is to drop hints or to demonstrate to a man that you’re open and interested in continuing the conversation with him. Your coach will guide you on what you can do or say to inspire men to ask for your number and start texting you.

Apart from this, your coach will also go one step further in reviewing your chat messages to give you feedback on your chatting style. Amongst other things, you might be coming across as too uninterested, intense or aggressive without knowing it. If that’s the case, your coach will work with you to fine­tune your chatting style (whilst still retaining your authenticity and personality!) in order to increase attraction from your partner’s end.

Step Three: First Date

The First Date is a pivotal moment in what could possibly turn out to be a great relationship, so your best bet is to be prepared! Your coach will help you to plan the details of the date including where to go, what to do, and ideal topics to bring up during conversation.

For the ladies, your date coach will teach you how to spot a player, and how to tell if he isn’t genuinely interested a relationship, but simply wants to get physical with you. Of course, your date coach will also guide you on how to react and handle yourself should such a situation arise.

Step Four: Subsequent Dates

Many people don’t get to this stage of the funnel. We call these people “One Date Wonders”, meaning that whilst they go on plenty of first dates, there are no subsequent plans being made. Again, most singles experiencing this will simply put it down to them not having met “the right one” yet. But as professional date coaches, we know better.

If you are consistently getting first dates and not moving beyond that, then it’s time to take a closer look at what you are doing on your first dates, or more specifically, what you are doing that is putting off your potential partners. A first date is a sign of interest. If it doesn’t lead to a second date, it means that something changed during the course of the first date. And if it happens often enough, it means that it’s a large enough issue to become a significant barrier in your journey to getting into a long lasting relationship.

Step Five: Exclusive Relationship

Finally, the holy grail! When you have been dating someone consistently, and find that you really enjoy his or her company, it’s time to get into a exclusive relationship. At this point in time, singles might be uncertain about committing, and questions that commonly surface include:

  • Should I “settle” for this person? What if someone better comes along?
  • He/she doesn’t fulfil a criteria that I typically look for. Is that a deal breaker?
  • How do I take this relationship to the next level with as little awkwardness as possible?

Your coach will address all your concerns and give you his or her professional advice on how you should handle the situation. Furthermore, your coach will also guide you on what you should do and say, in order to transition smoothly from dating to being in a relationship. For the men, this includes teaching you how to plan a special date in which you can ask her to be your girlfriend.

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