Exclusive Coaching Bundles

Are you looking to:

✅ Get over your ex
✅ Move out of the ‘friend zone’
✅ Ask someone out on a date effortlessly
✅ Turn heads when you walk on the street

We have exclusively bundled coaching programs to achieve your desired outcome.

Prices cited below are exclusive of GST. Terms & Conditions apply.

The Connection Bundle

The New-You Bundle

Limited Offers

These LIMITED OFFERS are valid from now until 31st May only! Prices cited below are exclusive of GST. Terms & Conditions apply.

the connection bundle offer

The Connection Bundle (3 for 2)

the new you bundle offer

The New-You Bundle (17% Off)

Don’t wait anymore! Up your dating game by grabbing any of these limited offers; pave the way to achieving your personal best in dating and self-presentation. Upon purchase, you will receive an email from us to book your one-to-one coaching sessions with our Certified Date and Image Coaches. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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