Program Overview

What is Image Coaching?

Image Coaching accentuates your physical features so that you look at your best. Our Certified Image Coaches meet clients, both men and women, on 1-to-1 sessions to help them in personal grooming, clothing and style – to sharpen looks and boost self-confidence.


This program covers the following areas:

Face Shape and Colour Analysis

In this segment, your Image Coach will help you look more polished. Women are taught of makeup techniques and undergarment fittings. Men are taught of cloth-matching techniques and other styling necessities. All clients learn more about personal grooming such as skin care and oral care; and ideal hairstyle based on face shape.

Personalised Image Report

Get a personalised image report based on the evaluation of your body shape and identified colours that enhance and flatter your skin tone. Taking into consideration both your body shape and lifestyle, your Image Coach will then advise you on what kind of clothing styles work well for you.

Wardrobe Audit

With the wardrobe audit, your Image Coach will work with you to streamline and enhance what’s inside your closet. Get a personalised lookbook featuring your own work and/or date outfits, which you can refer to for inspiration when needed!

Personal Shopping

How to dress on a first date and other occasions? Your Image Coach will go shopping with you, and teach you how to pair pieces to create flattering, well-put­-together outfits. Build a versatile and functional wardrobe using your very own Wardrobe Roadmap.

Online Shopping and Budgeting

Style for men and women has never been easy. Find out how to shop and style yourself effortlessly on a budget! Your Image Coach will recommend wallet-­friendly online stores based on your target budget without sacrificing the best results.



What We Do

Lunch Actually Academy has extensive experience in image coaching and has helped numerous clients improve their personal style and brand.


The right outfits can really make a difference, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

Case Study: Alavie, a Sales Executive in her 20s

Alavies Before and After Photo

Comments from her coach:

“There are many elements to consider when it comes to picking out an outfit that suits you. For example, what is your body shape?

Alavie has a lovely shoulder and slender arms. Her upper body is proportionate. However, due to her height, she slightly hunches her back without noticing. I taught her how to correct her posture. Initially, she thought she had huge hips but she actually has a full hourglass figure.”


Alavie's Before and After Photos

Comments from her coach:

“Alavie has beautiful collar bones. For a night-time restaurant date with a bit more preparation time, a sultry look can get you more attention from your date.

Women with larger eyes easily look tired, which is why I used makeup to enhance Alavie’s eyes and to make her look less sleepy.”

Alavie’s feedback:

I got to know myself better especially in terms of what kind of colours I should wear and what makeup suits me. Also, she told me to open my eyes wider when I draw eyeliner. I used to always smudge my eyelids in the past when I didn’t know this!

I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you are looking to look more attractive and increase your confidence.

Alavie's Full Body Before and After Photos

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